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Battling Rosacea: Read How Lazlo Overcame This Skin Problem!


The specialists I turned to did not exactly promise me any sort of rapid improvement—quite the contrary! I’ve asked the opinions of several dermatologists, none of whom promised any kind of permanent, obvious cure. I even visited a dermatologist specializing in the treatment of rosacea who prescribed some medicine and various creams. When the creams weren’t effective, the doctor switched my treatment to a topical steroid cream. When I first started using it, my condition improved dramatically, but after stopping its usage the symptoms — bright red, burning, itchy patches and pustules – not only returned, but were even worse than before. By this time, I was really beginning to feel desperate.

At this point, the dermatologist recommended a very expensive and painful laser procedure. I went to the laser treatments faithfully because I wanted to get better more than anything else. Unfortunately, this didn’t bring about my long-awaited cure, either. I had read everything I could find about this disease and all of its possible cures, simply because I did not want to accept having to live the rest of my life with rosacea.

In the spring of 2013, a dermatologist suggested trying a specially-prepared, liquid mixture, to be shaken before use. To my dismay, one of its components made my skin sensitive to light: after I tried in on my nose, I woke up the next morning to find my nose had turned totally black. It looked like it had rotted away! To make matters worse, the sunshine turned my nose into a pulsing, burning lump of absolute pain.




I went back to the dermatologist who had prescribed this “great” mixture and found myself supplied with various medicines to treat the swelling and had to put cold compresses on the area to reduce the inflammation—but nothing changed, no matter how carefully I followed the specialist’s directions. I couldn’t go to work, couldn’t leave the house, I was completely helpless. The dermatologist assured me that it would take several days for the dead skin to peel off and new skin to form on my nose. When I imagined what this would be like, I panicked even more. After a few days of enduring this series of scientific experimentation, I turned to another specialist.

The new dermatologist suggested trying an alternative, natural solution to my skin problem.

She introduced me to a Swiss product, an herbal essence called Arquebuse Water Essence, containing a total of 75 different herbs. She told me to spray the red, itchy patches on my face 5-6 times a day and use nothing else other than this.

By Day 6, I could see a few encouraging signs, the first time in a long time I felt any hope of a real improvement. The soreness lessened, the swelling decreased and my skin wasn’t as bright red as it had been, either. Day by day, my nose improved, all while there was no sign of the peeling I had been warned to expect. I grew increasingly confident and can say that after using a total of three, 100 ml bottles, my nose returned to its original state. While I was combating this sore itchiness, it did not even occur to me that I would be taking care of the rosacea as well.


The most important thing

After about 8 weeks, the painful redness, broken blood vessels and pustules had finally disappeared from my nose.

These were the kinds of experiences I had to endure in order to get rid of the symptoms of rosacea, a skin disease which made my life miserable for years. I started using Arquebuse Water Essence on my face as well, after shaving, and this was all I used. In 8 weeks, while spraying my face with it at least five times a day, the results were beautiful: the skin on my face was visibly improved.

As a disease, rosacea is strongly connected to diet, and now I can see for myself how my eating habits cause previously asymptomatic skin to break out in an eruption of redness. For example, if I eat hot, spicy food or drink alcohol, the redness is sure to appear. I have also noticed how stress, saunas, or the steam room also aggravate my rosacea. It is therefore necessary for me to forget these things, even though I love spicy foods, saunas and the steam room!

I pay attention to what I eat as much as I can, but I've discovered that if I still eat spicy food or to take a steam bath, I can get away with this little slip as long as I spray my face with Arquebuse Water Essence when the symptoms first appear, especially at my nose. This is how I can prevent the swelling of blood vessels and the formation of pustules even if I sin a bit from time to time.

The Essence (Arquebuse Water 75 herbs) has become a part of my life. It’s always within hand’s reach in the car or in my bag. When I need it, I just reach out and spray my face with it. It doesn’t hurt at all, and I know that the last thing I want is to be in find myself in such a hopeless situation again, going from doctor to doctor and trying all kinds of useless treatments like before.




Rosacea is an enormous financial burden for those who suffer from this disease. Personally, I've spent an incredible amount on expensive doctors’ visits, medicines, creams, laser treatment…but the one product I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone suffering from this disease like I did is Arquebuse Water Essence